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Journal of Meat Science

(An Official Publication of Indian Meat Science Association)



Chief Editor:

Dr. P.K. Mandal, Puducherry


Dr. B.M. Naveena, Hyderabad

Associate Editors:

Dr. U.K.Pal, Pondicherry

Dr. Girish Patil, Hyderabad

Dr. Ashim Kumar Biswas, Izzatnagar

Dr. Arun Kumar Das, Kolkata


Editorial Board Members:

Dr. R.K. Ambadkar, Nagpur

Dr. P. Prabhakaran, Pantnagar

Dr.Kandeepan, Izzatnagar

Dr. Nitin Mehta, Ludhiana

Dr. YogeshGadekar, Avikanagar

Dr. Rajiv Kumar Ranjan, Izzatnagar

Dr. Z.F. Bhatt, Jammu

Dr. Pawan Kumar, Punjab

Dr. Bandu Mane, Palampur

Dr. M. Kiran, Karnataka

Dr. Vijaybhaskar Reddy, Andhra Pradesh

Dr. Sagar Chand, Izzatnagar


Journal of Meat Science is a biannual publication of Indian Meat Science Association (IMSA), Hyderabad devoted to original Research and Development contributions in all branches of Meat Science and Technology. The journal publishes the following types of papers.

1.     Research papers with a maximum length of 10 manuscript pages, including figures, tables and references.

2.     Research notes limited to a maximum length of 5 manuscript pages, all inclusive.

The manuscript for Journal of Meat Science should be submitted in triplicate, typed / printed in double-space on one side of A4 size  bond paper, leaving margin on all four sides of the page. The paper must be original and not submitted elsewhere for publication with clear definitions of objectives, materials used, methods employed and without repeating the contents.

I.  The Manuscripts of the research paper should be arranged in the following order.

a) The title of the paper is to be typed in capital / lower case letters.

b) Give the authors’ names in capital letters, followed by their Institutional affiliation.

c) Provide name, address, telephone number and fax number or e-mail details of the individual to whom correspondence should be made.

d) Research paper should be provided with an Abstract of up to 200 words followed by 4 – 5 keywords which should include all the main topics discussed in the paper.

e) The text should start on a new page with introduction (without heading), Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Acknowledgement (if any) and References. Research notes will not have any sub headings except for References.

II. Materials and Methods must indicate   methods of sampling, number of replications and relevant statistical analysis.

III.  References should be cited at the appropriate points in the text by giving authors’ names and year in bracket i.e. (Smith 1990; Smith and Gibbons 1990; Smith et al. 1992) as per Harvard System. A list of references, in alphabetical order, should be given in the Reference section.

Citation in the Reference list should be as follows:

a) Published Papers

Sen AR, Naveena, BM, Muthukumar, M (2009) Effects of muscle, pH and storage ability of mutton. J Meat Sci 6 : 16-20

b) Books / approved methods

AOAC (1984) Official Methods of Analysis, 14th edn. Association of Official Analytical Chemists, Washington, D C

c) Chapter  in  edited books / papers in symposium

Lawrie RA, Ledward DA ( 1983) Texturization of recovered proteins  In: Ledward DA, Taylor AJ, Lawrie RA (eds) Butterworths,London, pp 163 – 182

Bhalerao SD, Mulmulay GV, Potty VH (1989) Effluent management in food industry. In : Souvenir, National Symposium on Impact of Pollution in and from Food Industries and its Management. Association of Food Scientists and Technologists (India), Mysore. pp 1-31

d) Patents

Schmidt GR, Means WJ (1986) Process of preparing align / calcium gel-structured meat products. US Patent 4 603 054

IV. Tables and Illustrations: Tables with a brief title  should be given in separate pages and arranged after the Reference section. Graphs and other line drawings should be drawn in Indian ink on white card and individually identified by Arabic numbers.

V.  One of the authors of the papers should be member of the Association (IMSA)

VI.  All the articles will be sent to the Referee and author(s) should follow the suggestions of the Referee and the Editor.

VII. A “No objection Certificate” from the Head of the Department / Institute must be furnished with the  article at the

time of submission.

VIII. Now Journal of Meat Science has gone online. Manuscripts can be submitted through after creating login id. For any clarifications contact The Editor, Journal of Meat Science, ICAR – National Research Center on Meat, Chengicherla, P.O.Boda Uppal, Hyderabad-500 092, A.P. India or by e-mail: [email protected]



Annual subscription rate for the “Journal of Meat Science”

Government Institutions: Rs. 500=00

Any other organizations: Rs. 800=00

All payments towards Journal subscription in favour of “Indian Meat Science Association” payable at Hyderabad may be sent to:

Dr. M. Muthukumar,

Secretary, Indian Meat Science Association,

National Research Centre on Meat,

Chengicherla, Boda Uppal Post,

Hyderabad, 500092, A.P.

e-mail: [email protected]